Welcome Valued Tenants

Thanks for choosing Meliora Real Estate Group for your next home. We hope to do everything possible to make your rental experience a pleasant one.

While we are always available when needed, we encourage residents to activate their Tenant Portal to streamline the rental process. When activated, you can use your portal to sign up for convenient monthly email payment reminders, to schedule, pay and track rent payments and to let us know about routine property-related concerns or maintenance issues. Contact us immediately in an emergency involving your rental.

The Meliora Real Estate Group team works hard at offering well-maintained properties throughout Chicago. We appreciate the help of our tenants in keeping them that way. We appreciate our residents who care for our managed properties as if they were their own. We ask that every resident be a good neighbor and leave any common areas as they were found.

Please keep in mind we are licensed real estate brokers in the state. When you are ready to transition into home-ownership, we would appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance. We also appreciate referrals.

Meliora Means Better

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