HOA Services

Welcome to the Meliora Real Estate Group. Or goal is to provide excellent professional services to condominiums, home owners associations and cooperative associations at a competitive price.

We assist the board in maintaining and preserving the property and all common areas, in order to enhance the quality of life for all residents and preserve the property values. Our experienced team provides expert advice and administration. We have relationships with contractors and vendors in most trades throughout Chicago, and can assist the board in all stages of selection, contract negotiation and supervision of projects, replacements, and improvements of all sizes.

We provide diligent financial services of assessment collection, bill payments, and detailed financial reporting and analysis (financial services can be purchased separately for associations that prefer to self-manage the property maintenance).

We possess years of experience providing boards with the tools to create fair rules and regulations, applying best practices for compliance procedures and dispute resolution to assure harmonious condo living.

The Meliora Real Estate Group manages all sizes and types of HOA’S: townhouses, condominium buildings, cooperatives, and planned unit associations. We also provide full-service rental property management for associations with rental units and commercial spaces. Contact us today for more information!

Standard Services

  • Collect and account for monthly assessments and any rental income
  • Receive and pay all common bills
  • Send monthly income and expense reports to the board
  • Attend at least one meeting of the board/total membership, and more if needed
  • Inspect all buildings regularly and meet contractors for bids.
  • Arrange for building inspections
  • Provide financial analysis for the association
  • Assist board in creating annual budgets

Additional Services

(additional fees may apply)

  • Take multiple bids, meet with architects, plan and execute major projects
  • Assist with design and implementation of restoration/ refurbishing of common areas
  • Provide 22.1, insurance and condo questionnaire to any owner selling their unit
  • File required paperwork with the State of Illinois

To learn more about our HOA services, please contact us.